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 Marilyn Momeny at XLNT Leadership Consulting, is one of the best things that has happened to our company and our team. Her experience and sound advice led to increased team focus, discipline, and unity.  There are still many meetings where her influence is felt by our team as we apply her theories to our company.  There is no one I would go to before Marilyn for business counsel and advice, especially if I want the honest truth told in a way that will make our team better!

                                                                           Casey Voeks, CEO of Discovery Simulations

Marilyn coached me for about 6 months.  I’ve worked with coaches in the past and was ready for some deeper shift when I came to work with her.  She has a very intuitive sense and, in a gentle way, helped me to better access my blind spots.  I was excited because each time I worked with Marilyn, I felt like I had breakthroughs which helped me strengthen the foundation I’d been building over the years.  In each session, I was able to identify and prioritize key issues which were significant and extremely helpful.  Her insights were valuable and her coaching was truly timely and pivotal for me.  I would highly recommend Marilyn to anyone who is wanting clarity and greater freedom in life.

 Denise Bitidis, Independent Film Producer, Los Angeles

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